City of Sunken Eyes


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released December 21, 2013



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WRECKAGE Buffalo, New York

WRECKAGE is a hardcore band from Buffalo, NY featuring ex-members of BURIED ALIVE , IT DIES TODAY, and GET BACK UP.

WRECKAGE is Nick-Guitar, Mike-Guitar, Jesse-Drums, Joey-Bass, and Dan-Vocals.

All band photos courtesy of Carl Cederman and Mark Miller. Thank you!
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Track Name: What Happened?
What happened
To all those things we said?
To the stances we took?
To the movement we led?
What happened
To the fire in our eyes?
To the cries in our throat?
To the passion deep inside?

I look around
Feel we’ve sold our soul
But a shell of
What once made us whole
Oh, we’ve learned well
How to scream and shout
Angry with nothing
To be angry about

Here I am once again
Sounding the alarm
Haunted by a sacred trust:
Protect this from all harm
I reach out, in support
Are you even there?
Striving to make this count
Do you even care?

Are you even there?
Do you even care?
Track Name: D49535
Darkness of this night,
Invading my mind
Distant siren wails
Warns me it’s too late
Still I seal this letter
Ignore all the signs
Hope it’s not too late

I refuse to believe this is the end
Dreamed your dreams
Feared your nightmares
This can’t be the end

So spread your wings
Cast off these chains
Let your heart sing
Leave this world in flames

Your life has been a perfect storm
So much bullshit thrown in your way
And in the end the streets’ strong pull
It sucked you in and swallowed you whole

This envelope
My pledge to you
I still have hope
I believe in you
Track Name: This Song Does Nothing
Sleepless once again
In this city of sunken eyes
Battered dreams
Broken souls
Haunted by the growing gulf
Between myself and the others surrounding me
I search desperately, hopelessly, aimlessly
I search endlessly
For that perfect sequence of words
That will make you feel something
That will make me feel anything

Turmoil brews within
Consuming me and all I am
Wall of silence built so thick
The right words never reach my lips
These eyes set hard against the world outside
Betraying nothing of this divide
Of this decay, of this demise
You don’t know me
Don’t even try

A fucking phony
I have nothing to offer
No words to still the pain
No parables to show you the way

I am nothing
I have nothing
This song does nothing

That perfect sequence of words escapes me
Track Name: To the Gallows
Ghost of yesteryear
Sneering through a saw tooth grin
Lurking through the streets
Littered with the charred remains
Of naiveté
Sizzling and smoldering
Sending caustic smoke
To its death, cloaked in contempt

Faces turned away
Ashamed by the reminder
Of all that once was
And all they once thought could be

But all is a ruse
This ghost, but a prisoner
Of its own device
Unknowingly led to die
Subtly prodded
Along a dead end pathway
To a bitter end
At the hands of the hangman

Onward to the gallows
Sentenced to a bitter end
At the hands of the hangman